About Me

Why I Am The Best?

I've taken what I know of Swedish/Deep tissue/Thai/Zen Shiatsu and combined them. Now you get a longer full body/deep glute massage. All I do is release the tension from sitting on your butt all day.

I’m small, but I can turn you into a pretzel and relax all your muscles. The Mix: loving Buddha. I offer stones/hot mineral bath/hot oil massage/foot bath and rub... I am a professionally trained massage therapist.


Hygiene is very very very important if you would like a good session: When you arrive please go to my bathroom where I have brown towels.

A. pull down your pants/shorts
B. put your finger in your rump
C. put your finger up to your nose
D. smell it!!!
E. If you smell roses pull up your pants/shorts
F. If the smell makes you jump  and your finger is brown
G. pick up a towel turn on the hot water add bodywash to towel
H. bend over apply hot towel to the hole and scrub vigorously (3 times, if more is needed keep going)
H1. Some of you might have to squat to achieve the right angle to the hole.
I.  put the towel in the shower
J.  wash your hands
K. Thank you,

If you have a bullet in the chamber please empty it before you get on my table…..